Saturday, May 8, 2010


Oh my, oh my. Lots going on around here ... if you are my facebook friend (which I think all 3 of the people who read this are), then you know most of it.

First, we're expecting another baby! Estimated arrival date: October 18. My two very best friends have October birthdays, so I'm super excited for this! :) (You know who you are!) (Actually I don't think they read this. Oh well.) I'm hoping we'll be able to find out what kind of baby this is on May 18. Then we can finalize our name and start calling him/her something other than "baby in the tummy."

In not-so-great news, my mother's illness is back. Her esophageal cancer has made a horrid return and spread also to her liver and spine. She got some not-great news from the dr on Monday, so we're all dealing with that. Hopefully Harlan and I will be able to make a trip down to visit her next weekend.

Also, Wes is getting ready to take the Step 3 board exam! He has to take it in St. Louis, so he will leave today after church and come home Tuesday night. It is a BIG DEAL, so we're pretty nervous about it. :-\

Speaking of Wes, we're about to celebrate our 10-year anniversary! Wes's mom is driving down later this month to watch the kiddos and pup for a week while we head to Breckenridge, CO. The trip is largely courtesy of my parents, who are providing the condo. We were planning to do some whitewater rafting, but with "baby in the tummy," I'm thinking we probably won't be allowed to do that. We'll hike instead! And sleep late every day! And eat ice cream without having to share! :)

Speaking of Wes's mom, we are very excited to see her, since the last time we saw her was in September! And maybe we will get to see June, too, but we're not sure of that, yet. Everyone is super excited for Granyan's visit!

When Land drives down to watch the kiddos, she will be driving our new car! My dream car, of course, a red 1971 VW bus! WooHoo! I'm so anxious to see the bus, especially after all of the hard work and elbow grease Land has put into renovations and cleaning! :)

Also, my pottery has been selling pretty well! I've been making a steady $70/month at the Marriott for the past 3 months, which is cool, and I've also stayed busy with special orders! :) For now, the pottery is my hobby that pays for itself, and I think that's great for now!

Kiddos are great. Sophie is talking circles around us ... except Lillie, my chatterbox who never stops talking! Harlan is doing well in the boys' gymnastics class and looking forward to starting kindergarten next year. And Lillie's great, too, reading like crazy and learning her math facts and playing outside. She just had her spring concert for school, and she did a great job!

I think that's about all for now. We're dealing with some scary stuff with my mom, but otherwise life is good!