Sunday, February 28, 2010

Update: The bad, the good, and my dream car!!

So, February kicked my tail. Mom was in and out of the hospital with various health problems, including blood clots, TWO of which entered her lungs and so she is SO LUCKY TO BE ALIVE! By some miracle, Wes actually had three full weekends off this month, so I was glad to be able to drive down and visit her and help out a bit. She seems to be getting better -- 3 good days in a row -- so that is a huge blessing!

The first time I drove down, I had to drive through an ice storm in Arkansas, which was terrifying and dangerous and slow. But when I saw the surprised look on Mom's face when I got to the hospital (she didn't know I was coming) it was all worth it! My dad was also really happy to see me, although he said if he had known I was thinking of driving through the ice storm, he would have "whipped your little $%^&*" ... so that is why he didn't know! The second time I drove down, I had some unpleasant stomach problems and spent an entire hour in the St. Louis area going from one gas station bathroom to another. Yippee. But I made it, and it was over just that fast. And no one else got it. Must've been something I ate.

So I made a 6.5-hour drive three times with no accidents or tickets. Then I backed out of my garage before the door was fully opened. Goodbye to my rear spoiler/brake light and antenna! So that was $500 down the drain for a happy deductible. On a good note, the man at University Chrysler was SO NICE to work hard to keep the cost under $1300 so that my rates didn't go up! (The estimate was $1294, so it wasn't easy!)

I also had a bad cold, which has now infected Wes.

THE GOOD NEWS!!!! -- We got more than we expected from Uncle Sam (the last time I'll ever love tax season, you know!) So ....... we bought me my DREAM CAR!!! Drum roll please ...

It is a 1971 VW bus. And it is in excellent condition. The same guy has owned it since 1971. And now it is mine! As soon as it gets a few things fixed and my fabulous mother-in-law brings it to me. Because right now it lives in Olympia, WA. I will have it in May! :) Thank you to Land!!!!!

In other good news ... Wes is over halfway through his one hard year of residency! He went to the Rusk Rehab Hospital the other day (where he will be working for 3 years beginning July 1) and talked for a long time to Judy Olson, the resident program coordinator. She said they are excited to have him come and work with them. He has quite the reputation around the university hospitals as the 'fix-it' guy now. He has fixed everything from printers to spreadsheets to the way the cancer clinic organized their patients (shortening the wait time significantly). So he is doing great! March he will be working a few shifts in the ER to practice for moonlighting next year, April and May he will be in the VA (HOME CALL YEAH!!), and June he will be on orthopedics (also home call!) Then we're DONE WITH YEAR 1!!!! And we can all celebrate having more time together, and Dad home for dinner every night, and moonlighting in the ER for extra cash! :) It's like the pot of gold at the end of the horrendous first year.

I think that's all I can share for now ... I think it's enough! So there you have it!

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