Saturday, December 13, 2008


So, I've been busy lately and I haven't blogged. Bad me! Here's a quick update for anyone out there who is interested...

-- Wes is getting more and more excited about PM&R (physical medicine and rehabilitation). We took the kiddos to St. Louis and Columbia, Missouri last week for interviews and to check out the places. We went to the St. Louis zoo (which is FREE!) and they got to see penguins up-close and personal. But we were really, really impressed with Columbia. It is a mid-sized college town with a cool downtown and a small school for Sophie. Cost of living is low, there are lots of families there with kiddos our age, tons of parks, art festivals, music festivals, etc ... always a party it seems. The program there pays more than others (in addition to the lower cost of living, this is very nice) and Wes will have a lot lighter work schedule. So we are no longer crossing our fingers for San Antonio. We are still, however, going to San Antonio this week for that interview, but they will really have to knock our socks off in order to be #1 on the rank list.

I am no longer employed! WooHoo!!! I haven't really had much free time, though. There are always field trips scheduled or whatnot. Well ... and most of last week we were out of town ... But I am much happier and more patient with my family and it is all working out as I knew it would.

My dad went into the hospital this past Tuesday with some chest pain. He had atrial fibrillation, which is not a heart attack, but it was still scary. He's now on a blood thinner and has to limit caffeine intake, but otherwise the cardiologist said he looked great. He stayed through Thursday and my mother failed to tell me that he had gone home. I called him Friday morning to ask when he was leaving the hospital, and he said, "What? I'm at work!" THANKS, MOM. :P

Also this week, my best friend's dad has been in the hospital, but his situation is more complicated. He has MRSA. He is feeling better and is joking around and acting more like himself now, so we are relieved for that. However, his kidneys are no longer functional, which means dialysis 3 times a week from now on, and he also has suffered some hearing loss. Maybe from the fever? I'm not sure exactly why. But he is here in Jackson, and now my friend Melva has come home from MIT for an extended stay, which is the bright side of it all ... according to me!

Also this week, my one week sandwiched between two weeks of travel, when I was supposedly going to get all of my junk done for the month of December and that little upcoming holiday, I have been without internet until today. It seems small, but consider the things that have been put on hold in my life because of this:
--Christmas cards. I HAVE TO GET THEM DONE THIS WEEK. But my addresses are mostly in my email. Grr.
--Bill paying. Slightly more urgent!! (Don't worry; I just finished!)
--Email. First of all, my mother emailed me to tell me my dad was in the hospital, and I didn't get it! Then, I was surprised to find a message in my inbox today that asked for donations for my son's preschool teachers to have gift cards. Glad I got that one before leaving the state. Thanks, Comcast. Thanks for NUTHIN. Again, I say ... Grr.
--Not to mention all the times I needed to look up small things, like what the heck was happening to my sick family members in the hospital, Melva's flight status when I picked her up from the airport, weather forecast as we were having sleet and snow, directions to different places, what is this barbie mermaid thing Lillie is obsessing about, Columbia Missouri real estate (just for fun at this point), etc.
--I am also frustrated at the fact that I pay for phone service through Vonage, but I couldn't use my phone! So I am sure Wes and I ran up our cell phone minutes in the meantime ... mainly sitting on hold waiting for the comcast people!

So, there you have it: PM&R. Missouri. Atrial Fibrillation. MRSA. Comcast. (Grr.) And no more preschool teaching!!!!!!!!


Britt Family said...

Glad to hear your dad is feeling better! So Sorry, about Melvas dad I know she had such a hard time with her mom. By the way I am addicted to my computer also, if I didn't have internet for a week I would lose my mind! Missouri sounds great! Isn't is so fun now to sorta look where you think you might go!!!

Customer.Connect.Melissa said...


I work for Comcast and noticed your blog. I'm sorry for any inconveniences or frustrations we may have caused. If there is anything I can do to assist you (I believe it is an email problem you are experiencing), please email our team at We'd be happy to improve your Comcast experience.

Kind Regards,
Melissa Mendoza
Comcast Customer Connect
National Customer Operations

Camilla said...

Great update. . . .I look forward to many more- sorry about your phone and internet. That stinks!