Wednesday, October 1, 2008

CELEBRATE, good times come on!!

Three things to celebrate today:
-- I had a great day! One of the teachers I 'assist' was absent, and I taught the class all by myself from 8 - 2. I was nervous about it, but I felt like it went really well. It was easier than going back and forth all day between the two classes! THEN, after getting Sophie, I took the kiddos for a walk around the block. We saw some acquaintances of ours (a mom and her 3 kids) playing in their front yard, and we stayed for a little while and played with them. Then I came home and fixed dinner and did bedtime all by myself. Bedtime was great! The kiddos went willingly to bed (except Lillie, who I am allowing to stay up late and read), and I feel good about letting Wes sleep all afternoon to get rested for his 11pm - 7am shift in the ER. So, yay for me, doin' stuff today!
-- Lillie is about to hit her 100-book mark on! Woohoo!!! It is so exciting to have a little girl who gets so excited about reading!! She is reading book # 100 right now: "Trick or Treat, Danny!" by Edith Kunhardt. We will be putting it on goodreads when she is done. (If you want to be her goodreads friend, check her out!
-- And last but NOT LEAST!!!!!!!!!!!! -- Wes got his first request for an interview today!!!! At San Antonio!!!!!!! We are thrilled! He is going to schedule it for mid-December, so hopefully he will have one or two other interviews to practice before it! ;) Oh, pray, pray, pray for this to happen!!! It's so nerve-racking and terrifying and exciting all at the same time!

Lillie is on the last page of her book ... gotta go post it!

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Samantha said...

Update: I actually got to talk to Wes for 5 minutes before he left for school, and I found out that he scheduled the San Antonio interview for December 18! So exciting!