Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Update on life / random stuff

So I have a few random thoughts ... Very random ...

--Wes took a course last month called "Review of Histology," which consisted primarily of editing the histology lab manual. One of the best sentences I have read is in this lab manual, and here it is for your enjoyment: "Ovaries lead a rather tempestuous life, so it should not be surprising that the specimens in the slide set felt no obligation to conform entirely to textbook descriptions." Feel free to comment on that one ... or just on how nerdy I am to think this is funny!
--Teaching preschool is interesting, to say the least. Ohmygosh. Aside from dealing with kids doing weird, disturbing things in the bathroom and beating each other up for cutting in line, last Friday I was puked on, spat at, and called a monkey ... all before 9:30 a.m. Good times.
--John McCain is annoying and creepy, and I don't agree with him at all, and his arms are too short. And his running mate scares me. Blah. (Wes has the RNC on right now and I'm sick of listening to it.)
--Wes is getting ready to send off his residency applications this week, which is unbelievably exciting. I'm ready to get this thing done!! In a few months, we could be moving to Texas, Missouri, Colorado, Massachussetts ... it's all very thrilling! And his essay is amazing. And he wrote it all by himself! I just polished it a little here and there. Yay, Wes!!
--My mom started chemotherapy yesterday. She will go in again in 3 weeks. She has to have it four times, for 12 weeks total. We're all ready to get it over with. Prayers are welcome. Please.

I guess that's about it for now. I'm too tired to think of anything else to write.


Britt Family said...

We've been thinking about you and your mom, our prayers are with y'all! Yea! for interview time, this is where the fun and stress comes in!!! All the possibilities and choices of where to live and work!!!!! :) Miss y'all!

Nicole said...

Praying for your mom, that is so hard and I know alot to think about. I hope the chemo is successful!!

How exciting about residency coming up! I can't believe Wes will be a DOCTOR!

And I do think ovaries are quite the rebels. ;-)

Camilla said...

Wow, great update!

That was a hilarious (emphasis) line from the histo text. I got a real kick out of it!

I actually like Palin A LOT (though I pretty much agree with you on McCain)!

Hope your mom is doing well. I'll put her on SLC Temple prayer roll.