Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Slow down; you move too fast..."

Would you like to know what happened to me today? Sure you would!

I came home from school and found something interesting in the mailbox: a letter telling me IN ALL CAPS that my license was SUSPENDED for "failure to comply" with a speeding ticket I got on October 15, 2007. I remember that awful week, just after Sophie got her cochlear implants and started going to school (emotional rollercoaster) and I was trying to figure out how to get all the people to their schools across town from each other at the same time. I got two speeding tickets in one week. Bad, bad, bad. However, I DID pay them!

So, I got on the phone with the municipal court and find out that the 'system' says I never paid the ticket. Luckily, I had done my research, and I informed the lady that I wrote check number 1621 on October 18, 2007, for $188, and it cleared my account on October 25. I kind of yelled at her in a stressed-out voice ... WHERE THE HECK DID MY MONEY GO?!?!

She promptly transferred me to someone else, who was a very nice lady named Sandra. Sandra informed me that, although the original ticket was $188, I owed them $263. Guess what for?? You'll never guess. Late fees, of course, and a WARRANT FEE! Now, I only know of two kinds of warrants, and I'm pretty sure that they didn't want to search my house... And here I insert a note of gratitude to Heavenly Father: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for not letting me get pulled over and arrested when I had no idea this was happening!!!!!

I'll make the rest of this short: After calling our wonderful bank manager, Drew (my hero), and having him locate the scanned image of both sides of the check, and having him fax it to the lovely Sandra ... it turned out that my money had been applied to someone else's ticket because someone at the police department had transposed two of the numbers in the ticket number. And for THAT ... they wanted to arrest me!

It has a happy ending, though: After a trip downtown to JPD (Wes drove, of course!) to meet Sandra and get my paperwork -- and a trip to midtown to drop off the paperwork, my license is now reinstated! What a lot of work (and gas) for something that wasn't even my fault. What a day!

Things to be thankful for:
-- Wes was off today, so he was able to drive us all to Harlan's gymnastics class and to the places to clear up the stuff.
-- Drew McIntyre, Premier Banking, BancorpSouth. He is my hero of the day.
-- Sandra really was very nice, which, if you've ever had dealings with people in Jackson, MS who work for the government, you know is EXTREMELY RARE. No, really. The term "Southern hospitality" does not normally apply to these people.
-- I really did pass a policeman this morning on the way to take Sophie to school, and I really was speeding. And I went through a yellow light. (He was going the other way. He stopped at the light.) And even then, before I knew there was a warrant out for me, I said a quiet prayer in my head to thank Heavenly Father for helping me out. And then I slowed it down a bit.
-- It's a gentle reminder to drive more carefully ... without having to pay for a ticket this time.

So, even with such an annoying situation today, I am looking for the lessons that the Lord would have me to learn. And for those lessons, I am grateful for this experience.


Britt Family said...

That is insane!! Who would have thought. I am now for sure on the Police department hate list. The same day that Blaines car stopped on the railroad tracks, he got two tickets for rolling through a stop sign. First of all Blaine says he stopped and not to mention he is a stickler about stopping at stop signs and he has never gotten a ticket since we have been married in 7 years. The cop gave him a ticket for not stopping and then gave him another ticket for still having a MS car tag,but a AL License. $300 dollars all together, I think Blaine could have shot the Police officer.

Tina said...

You speed?!

Samantha said...

Tina, was that sarcastic?!