Thursday, September 11, 2008

playing with photoshop

Recently, I took this great picture of Harlan. He was not posing; he was just standing by Wes's truck, being himself. I happened to have the camera in hand (surprise, surprise!) so I snapped a picture. After looking at it, I decided it was begging to be messed with. I opened it for editing in Picasa, and then I went a little crazy. Finding pictures, photoshopping ... hours of entertainment! ...Um, literally. So here are the pictures!

Harlan as James Dean (I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!)
This one of Lillie is several months old, but it was fun to play with.

Sophie needs HUGS on the go!

Sophie Bella Cinderella


Nicole said...

Very nice!! I like it! Photoshopping is definitely addictive!

Britt Family said...

LOVE the pictures!! The apple one is my favorite, but Harlan is a close second!!

Tina said...

How fun!! Just what I need, temptation...!

Camilla said...

Those are cute pics. Way to go, i can't do anything with photoshop.