Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oh, baby!!

So ... the receptionist at Sophie's school (Velma) and I were chatting recently as I waited for my little one to come down the hall. Another mom had just left with her son, who is a new student there. I had tried to start a friendly conversation with her, and she was totally grumpy with me and rude. Thank heavens I didn't ask when her baby was due, although she was obviously pregnant.
On this day, Velma had noted the strange conversation that had occurred, and when the woman left, she commented to me on her grumpiness and said that the woman looked pregnant (very) and I agreed. The strange thing, said Velma, was that someone else had come in and asked her how many kids she had, and she said just one. We were wondering why she didn't mention the baby on the way. But we let it go, and I didn't initiate any more conversations with her.
Today I went to pick up Sophie. Velma leaned over her desk and said that she had something to tell me. Evidently, the woman gave birth to a baby girl on Sunday. I was not surprised. The strange thing: The woman was!! She had no idea that she was pregnant! (I told Velma that now I feel bad ... maybe I should have told her myself!) Her husband came in and put a picture of a baby girl down on Velma's desk, and when Velma inquired about it, he replied, "THAT is what happened to us on Sunday!"


Britt Family said...

STRANGE!! I guess some people are defiantly in denial!!

Camilla said...

Well, I guess that explains the curt conversation.