Sunday, August 24, 2008

A work update ... and a small rant ...

I guess it's been a month since I posted anything. Oops. We started school this week at Beth Israel Preschool. So far, the short days don't seem too bad ... the kiddos get a free lunch, Lillie gets her Spanish lessons for free, and I got paid on Thursday, which made things a little easier. But the long day -- which is every Friday, when I get to work from 7:30am - 6:00pm -- is going to be grueling. At least, it was this week. And although, at 5:30, there were FIVE teachers there, and only one kid waiting to be picked up (6 kids in all, 5 of whom were teachers kids and 3 of whom were MINE), the teacher in charge would NOT LET ME LEAVE. She said that "if something happened (she didn't specify what, exactly), we would all need to be here." Nevermind the fact that if I left, I would take half of the children with me, and also improve the ratio (4 teachers : 3 kiddos instead of 5:6) ... nevermind the fact that most of the problems were stemming from Harlan's frequent meltdowns because he didn't get a nap ... nevermind the fact that another teacher's kid (he's wonderful and affectionate...he's five but looks like he's at least 7 and probably weighs at least 85 pounds and doesn't have any younger siblings, so he doesn't know how to be careful) kept loving Sophie and accidentally knocking her head into the floor and she kept screaming her head off ... I couldn't leave "in case something happened." How ridiculous is that! I am still fuming. The worst part is I can't even talk to anyone about it because the director of the preschool seems to never listen seriously to my concerns.

Sorry for the rant. In good news, I got some interesting compliments from the kids at school ("Your hair is fluffy!"), Harlan and Lillie are perfectly happy in their classes and their teachers love them, and I haven't had to drop Sophie off early because Wes has been around to take her to school. These are all nice things. I just have to focus on those, I guess.


Camilla said...

Yeah, life on your blog!!

Sorry about the crazy Friday. There are some personalities that are really type A and have to follow rules to the letter-go figure?

Tina said...

uummmm. rant-away...this was legit!