Thursday, July 24, 2008

Med School Update

Wes got his Step 2 score back yesterday, and he did GREAT!!! Seven points higher than the national mean! Woo-Hoo!! He has basically decided on PM&R (for a definition, visit this site: ) and he gave an awesome presentation the other day about ulcers and abscesses in patients with spinal cord injuries -- and the chair of the rehabilitation dept. -- who is a majorly important guy with a building named after him -- was impressed enough to offer a letter of recommendation!!!!!! AND he has friends at the PM&R programs in San Antonio and Denver, the two top places we've been looking at! Things are looking UP!!


Camilla said...

Great news! Congratulations.

Britt Family said...

Congrats on the step! That takes a big load off things! Hope all goes well as he interviews! Enjoy this year!