Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sophie!!

Sophie is Two today!! Yay for Sophie! It is amazing the way that we have all learned so much and grown so much (physically and otherwise) in the two short years since Sophie has blessed us with her adorable presence! We've had a crazy time, figuring out life with a child with hearing loss, trying to survive -- and pass -- medical school, and surgery, and ... well, too much to list. That isn't my point here. My point is, check out Sophie!!

February 2006 ... It's a girl!

July 2, 2006 ... One day old

July 1, 2007 ... One year old

July 1, 2008 ... Terrific Two!


Camilla said...

What a cutie!! It's hard to believe they grow so quickly. . . .

Britt Family said...

Gosh, how time flies! I swear just last week you were pregnant with her! How can she be two already? She is as adorable as always!