Tuesday, July 15, 2008

30 - 1 !!!!!

So ... I know this may sound silly to people who are older than I am ... but I'm 29 now! Twenty-nine! Thirty-minus-one! That is so weird! I always thought that at age 30, people had to stop messing around and be grown-ups. I'm not ready for that yet! I feel like Wendy, from "Peter Pan," and it's my last night in the nursery. I have one year of 'twenty-something' left before I enter a new decade of my life. So bizarre. My mom says that having three small children will keep me young. Any thoughts on this one?


Tina said...

I'm still young...and I only have one! Friends like you keep me young....and if you think I'm old, don't tell me, please. In my head I am young!

Connie said...

Sam - I used to hear this kind of thing from my daughter, Wendy, who was named after that famous character in Peter Pan. She would call me singing the blues about her age. I would tell her that she needed to add 20 to her age and see how old really feels! When she turned 40, she stopped calling me! Ha! Ha! Have fun while you are young and remember that age numbers are of no concern. Connie T.