Friday, July 25, 2008

There goes another decade

I realized yesterday that it has been 10 years this week since Wes proposed to me! TEN years!! It seems like such a long time! I don't remember the exact day ... it was the 20-something of July 1998. I just think that's cool.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Med School Update

Wes got his Step 2 score back yesterday, and he did GREAT!!! Seven points higher than the national mean! Woo-Hoo!! He has basically decided on PM&R (for a definition, visit this site: ) and he gave an awesome presentation the other day about ulcers and abscesses in patients with spinal cord injuries -- and the chair of the rehabilitation dept. -- who is a majorly important guy with a building named after him -- was impressed enough to offer a letter of recommendation!!!!!! AND he has friends at the PM&R programs in San Antonio and Denver, the two top places we've been looking at! Things are looking UP!!

Beach ball wonder

This morning, while Lillie was at theatre camp, we were playing in the back yard with our across-the-street friend Nathan. Terry and I heard crazy laughing coming from the air conditioning unit! When we looked, check out what we found! It was SO FUN!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Sophie Sweet!

This post is mostly for Haley and Betty, Sophie's teachers. I think you'll like this one! I took this video last Thursday (7/10) and it is very fun. (Haley, this is the thing I told you about today. And Betty, I got her new class info today and I'm so excited that she'll be with you again!! Yay!) Enjoy the video.....

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

30 - 1 !!!!!

So ... I know this may sound silly to people who are older than I am ... but I'm 29 now! Twenty-nine! Thirty-minus-one! That is so weird! I always thought that at age 30, people had to stop messing around and be grown-ups. I'm not ready for that yet! I feel like Wendy, from "Peter Pan," and it's my last night in the nursery. I have one year of 'twenty-something' left before I enter a new decade of my life. So bizarre. My mom says that having three small children will keep me young. Any thoughts on this one?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Summer Reading Champs!!

After taking two summers away from the Willie Morris Library Summer Reading Program (due to ninth-month-pregnancy and impending surgery, respectively), we signed up once again. Probably exactly like every other library in the country, they give out forms to the kids who participate, and the families keep track of every book they read to their kids -- or the kids read by themselves -- during the month of June. In early July, there is a big party, and the top three readers in each category (Independent Readers and Family Readers) get trophies. Last time we did this (summer 2005), Lillie and Harlan won 2nd and 3rd place in the Family Readers category. This year, we signed Lillie up as an Independent Reader! She read 10 books a day during the month of June, totaling a whopping 303 books! She won first place in her category!

(Yes, that is Wes behind her ... he took a couple of hours away from school to come! Lillie was so diligent and excited to write down all of her books that it was a big deal and he had to be there!)

I tried to read 10 books to Harlan and Sophie each day, to keep up with Lillie, but it was HARD with two very wiggly, very distracted, very hyper kiddos! Harlan had 252 books on his list! First place in his category!!

And let's not forget our Sophie, who also loves her books!! Her list had 239 books, which won her second place!

This may seem slightly dorky ... but Lillie had so much fun reading and seeing the big list of the books she had read that she now has a goodreads account! If you're on there, make sure to add her as a friend ...

Saturday, July 5, 2008

I need your blog address!

Okay, so I previously accessed my friends' blogs through a link on my own blog ... Just easier that way. But when I changed my layout, it erased my list! So, to my friends who read this and have blogs: I need your blog address please!! I don't know how to find you without it!!

Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Your purse is contaminated

I found this article at -- I thought it was interesting...I think I'll throw my purse in the washer tonight!

(Wes thought I shouldn't have the whole article on here, so if you want to read about how nasty purses are, paste the link in your browser. It's a good article.)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sophie!!

Sophie is Two today!! Yay for Sophie! It is amazing the way that we have all learned so much and grown so much (physically and otherwise) in the two short years since Sophie has blessed us with her adorable presence! We've had a crazy time, figuring out life with a child with hearing loss, trying to survive -- and pass -- medical school, and surgery, and ... well, too much to list. That isn't my point here. My point is, check out Sophie!!

February 2006 ... It's a girl!

July 2, 2006 ... One day old

July 1, 2007 ... One year old

July 1, 2008 ... Terrific Two!