Sunday, June 29, 2008

Do the Grasshopper Hop!

This is a clip of Sophie's class during their part of the end-of-school program. She did a GREAT job!! Each of the girls had a little line to say about grasshoppers. Sophie's is "Watch me HOP!" The lady on the stage with them is Betty, one of Sophie's teachers. Her other teacher, Haley, is the one who goes in front of the camera, with the short, blonde hair. We miss you both already! :)

Check out Sophie's awesome dance moves! (By the way, she is at the far right. And she is the one at the beginning yelling, "Hey, Daddy! Hey, Mama! Hey, Lillie!")


N. Cooper said...

Insanely cute!! Love how Sophie claps for herself, too. She'll miss going there over the summer, but I know you won't miss the commute. :)

Nicole said...

What a show stopper she is! Such a little performer!

Happy Birthday Sophie!!

Camilla said...

what a cutie!

P.S. Hope I wasn't too forceful in my questioning about money matters--really, I am the LAST person to be making any judgements. We've got to do what we can to survive.