Saturday, May 10, 2008

The feeling of sound...

A couple of weeks ago, Sophie taught me something that I will always remember. It was bedtime, and I was lying in her bed with her. She didn't have her processors on, so she couldn't hear anything, but she kept saying, "aaaaaah" and laughing. I was pretending to sleep (so she would sleep ... tricky, I know ... but it didn't work) so my eyes were closed. Then Sophie reached out, grabbed my hand and placed my fingers over her mouth and repeated the sound. I felt it! I'd never thought about that before -- the feeling of sound. Of course, everyone knows that you feel bass when it booms at a concert, or the rumbling of an airplane engine, but I never noticed how the little sounds felt. So then, she put her hand on my mouth and made the sound, indicating that it was my turn. I did it, and she giggled. We took turns, and each time she made the sound with my hand on her mouth, she would look at me to see if I reacted. Finally, I took her hand and put it on my throat and said, "aaaaaah" ... she was amazed! She had never thought to try it there before! And I had never thought to feel the sound coming out of my mouth.

I am so amazed at this little person. What seemed like an insurmountable trial just one year ago has shown me the greatest miracles I've ever seen. She is bright and bossy and talkative, and she loves to dance. Even when she isn't wearing her processors, she dances because she can feel the music. Her way of experiencing the world is already so different than mine, and I am extremely grateful -- and humbled -- to have this wonderful little girl, who --although she is not yet even two-- is already teaching me so much. I can't wait to see what comes next!

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Camilla said...

What a special moment-- thanks for sharing it! What a great blessing to experience the world through her eyes (challenge, of course, but with its bright moments too).