Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A tough one...

I've got a tough decision to make here ... Wes and I are finding it harder and harder to survive on student loans, and we're sinking deeper and deeper into other debts to make up the difference. Our bank account is all but depleted, and we still have one more month of bills before we get more loan money in July. This is how it is at the end of every semester ... the money is gone too soon. And the loan money that we will get in July is already spent: pay off what we've had to put on the credit card during May/June, pay homeowner's insurance for the year, mortgage in advance for the next 6 months, car note, utilities in advance for 6 months, etc ... and we also have to put aside enough money for Wes to travel to interviews for residency programs and possibly live somewhere else for a month for an away rotation.

On top of this, we don't qualify for stupid George Bush's stupid economic stimulus package (sorry for the slight political rant there), because we didn't make $3,000 last year. Oops, we're just trying to be a good student and good mom here ... and now we're being punished for it. So instead of getting the $2,100 that could float us through June and help us out during this crunch, we're still high and dry while our friends all decide what extras to get with their bonus checks ... even though they have jobs and don't need the money as much as we do. (GRRR... again, sorry for this rant...but not really...)

So, there's not much I can do about June ... the mortgage is paid, and we have $500 in the bank to pay some of the rest, and every time we've had this problem in the past, the Lord has pulled us through. But I'm thinking about next year.

I've been offered a position as an assistant teacher at the kids' preschool next year. I know everyone there, and I love them all, so I am sure I could work with them ... but I don't really want to be a preschool teacher! Ugh! Anyway, here's the deal: It will pay $950/month. I will work 5 days a week -- until 12:30 on 4 days and until 6pm on one day. Lillie and Harlan will get to come early and stay late for free and have free lunch every day, and on the early days I'll get off in time to pick up Sophie. On the late day, I'll be allowed to leave to get her and bring her back with me, and she will play there with the other kiddos until it's time to go home.

We will get a childcare loan for Harlan's tuition again, since he's under 5, but I'll have to use $250 of my check for Lillie's tuition. And, no, I don't get a discount for being a teacher.

-100 tithing
-250 Lillie's tuition
600 take home

Is it worth it, for five days a week of preschoolers who are not my kids? And giving up my free mornings (which I don't actually get as much as I was thinking anyway)? And the added stress and guilt of being a 'working mom'? And that one day a week that I'll only see Sophie for an hour before putting her to bed?

Shame on Wes for coming to medical school. And shame on that stupid economic stimulus package. Grrr......

Let me know what you think......I could use your thoughts on this one.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Funny video

Here's a good video of Harlan from today as well. It is hilarious. It makes me laugh and laugh. My tummy hurts from laughing. I hope you have as much fun watching this as we did! Two things to watch for: His funny face when he tries to open the paper, and when he says, randomly, "take a picture" for no apparent reason. I might cry I'm laughing so much. Enjoy!

My little author

Lillie wrote a book today! She has done this several times before, but it is usually a silly little story with not a very complex plot, and only simple words. This time, she made up a song, and we worked together to make the book from that. Here is a video of Lillie reading her book! Enjoy! (She does get a little distracted by some "love bugs" at one point, but it's all part of the fun!)

Monday, May 12, 2008

A funny story...

So, if you don't know already, I'll go ahead and admit it: I'm a terrible housekeeper. There is currently clutter all over the kitchen counters and a pile of clean, not-yet-folded laundry on the couch. And that is where my story begins...

It was Saturday night, the night before Mother's Day. I was singing the kiddos their bedtime songs, and Wes said that he was going to go to the store to pick up a couple of items we would need for Sunday. I finished getting the kids to bed and came out to the kitchen, where I checked my email and wasted a few minutes doing NOTHING important. After about 45 minutes, I started to wonder what was taking Wes so long at the store. I tried to call his cell phone, and it was off. I thought that was strange, because he had told me to call him with any extra shopping-list additions, so I looked outside. His truck was IN THE DRIVEWAY! I searched the yard, I searched the house, I looked EVERYWHERE, and he was nowhere to be found. I called out to Lillie, who was still awake, to ask if she had seen him and she said no. I went back outside to look again and was just starting to panic when Wes ... came OUT of the house!

When I finally got it all straight, I found out that this is what had happened: Wes had come out to the living room when I was singing, and he hid under the clean clothes (note to self: FOLD!!), where he was planning to jump out and surprise me when I came down the hall. The snag in his plan was that he was so warm and comfy that he fell asleep! He was on the couch, under the clothes the whole time! He only woke up when he heard me asking Lillie if she had seen him.

Luckily, my Mother's day got better after that! :)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The feeling of sound...

A couple of weeks ago, Sophie taught me something that I will always remember. It was bedtime, and I was lying in her bed with her. She didn't have her processors on, so she couldn't hear anything, but she kept saying, "aaaaaah" and laughing. I was pretending to sleep (so she would sleep ... tricky, I know ... but it didn't work) so my eyes were closed. Then Sophie reached out, grabbed my hand and placed my fingers over her mouth and repeated the sound. I felt it! I'd never thought about that before -- the feeling of sound. Of course, everyone knows that you feel bass when it booms at a concert, or the rumbling of an airplane engine, but I never noticed how the little sounds felt. So then, she put her hand on my mouth and made the sound, indicating that it was my turn. I did it, and she giggled. We took turns, and each time she made the sound with my hand on her mouth, she would look at me to see if I reacted. Finally, I took her hand and put it on my throat and said, "aaaaaah" ... she was amazed! She had never thought to try it there before! And I had never thought to feel the sound coming out of my mouth.

I am so amazed at this little person. What seemed like an insurmountable trial just one year ago has shown me the greatest miracles I've ever seen. She is bright and bossy and talkative, and she loves to dance. Even when she isn't wearing her processors, she dances because she can feel the music. Her way of experiencing the world is already so different than mine, and I am extremely grateful -- and humbled -- to have this wonderful little girl, who --although she is not yet even two-- is already teaching me so much. I can't wait to see what comes next!