Friday, April 25, 2008

Why, Oh, Why...

...Although I am NOT a fancy girl (I much prefer my bellbottom jeans and a t-shirt to a fancy dress anyday ... and makeup --forget it!) it seems that both of my girls are going to be the fancy type. Since she was about three, Lillie has loved her dresses and absolutely refused to wear jeans. She loves it when I paint her toenails and longs for the day when I will let her be in charge of her own shiny lip gloss (which was a gift from someone else ... not anything I would ever in a million years buy my own kid), but I was just sure that Sophie would be different. I thought that having a big brother would make her a little more of a tomboy, and the frilly stuff just didn't seem to fit her spunky personality. Was I ever wrong!

Not only does Sophie love all accessories: barrettes, sunglasses, shoes, headbands, bracelets, etc ... she is demanding dresses! And she isn't even two yet! Last night I tried to put her in some cute pajamas-- shirt and pants -- but she would not have anything to do with them. She kept the shirt on, but she stripped off the pants (and her pull-up) then marched into the bathroom, where she picked one of Lillie's fancy summer dresses from the dirty clothes and tried to put it on by herself. Finally I gave in -- it wasn't that dirty, anyway -- and she wore it to bed with the pajama shirt underneath.

Shoes are even better, though. She insists that everyone must wear shoes at all times. She loves to stomp around in Harlan's, if she can't find any princess dress-up shoes around. She adores her shoes. She tells other people about them. If we have to search for them before school, she worries and whines until we've found them, and when we do find them I can see the relief on her face. When she gets new shoes, she dances and watches how her feet look when she moves with them on. It is a love affair with shoes.

So, this morning, I was getting her ready to go to the hospital and get tubes put in her ears. I had picked out some very comfy sweats that are pink and matchy and cute. As soon as she saw them, she pointed her finger, made her mad face, and yelled out an angry string of jibberish that started with "NO!!" and ended with "DRESS!" I got a dress, and she giggled as she stepped in.

Now, fast-forward to after the tubes ... she was groggy and weird, but we had to stop by the pharmacy to pick up her ear drops and some tylenol. We got into the place, I was carrying Sophie and trying to find the tylenol, and then ... blech! ... she puked up apple juice everywhere. Not just a little bit, either, but quite a lot. It was on me, on her, on the floor ... Her dress was soaked. But guess what her lament was, as she was moaning and scared and covered with puke! She pointed to her foot and wailed, "MY SHOOOOOOOOOE!"

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So, the other day, Lillie was having a terrible attitude. I told her to go and wash her hands, and she put her hands on her hips and just told me NO! I told her again, and she replied, "I will not go wash my hands!" Finally, I won the battle ... and as she was headed toward the bathroom, I called out, "While you're in there, wash away that bad attitude, too!"

A few minutes later, I told Harlan that he needed to go and wash his hands. His reply: "But I didn't have an attitude!"

I guess he was listening, after all...