Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another day in the life...

Today does not like me. Today's story must be told.

This morning, Wes woke up feeling awful. He needed to stay home from school, so he called and let his 'team' know that he wouldn't be coming in. I didn't feel very well either, but I had my one day of 'awful' on Tuesday, so I got up and did what I had to do. I got the kids dressed -- Lillie in her school t-shirt for her field trip today -- and had to leave 15 minutes earlier than normal, also because of the field trip. The kids ate their waffles in the car as we drove to Sophie's school to drop her off first ... and when we got there, I realized that I took my poor tiny kid to school with no backpack and no lunch! I carried her in, my poor little no-lunchbox, no-backpack, short-sleeved baby in the 43-degree weather (because the high is 74 today), and had to drop her off in the cafeteria with the office manager because we were there before 8:00. After asking Mrs. Addie if Sophie could just have a school lunch today (for 5 bucks!), I left my screaming, crying, reaching-for-me baby and rushed out to the other kiddos in the car.

So, then I started driving, planning to go to the other kids' preschool, needing to get there just in time to drop Harlan at his class and arrange seating for any other kiddos who would be riding with me, and then I realized that I never packed a snack for Harlan. His lunchbox, he told me when I asked, was on the kitchen floor, obviously empty. I called Wes, who groaned at me from the pillow, and he agreed to get some crackers and a juice box together for me to pick up on my way to the school. After hanging up the phone with him, I heard Harlan whimper, "Mommy..." and I looked back just in time to see him PUKE all over himself and his clothes and his car seat. I called Wes again and said, "I know you're home today because you're sick, but you also have to take care of a kid who just puked. We'll be there in five minutes. Welcome to a day in my life." Then my low-gas light came on.

We had about five minutes to get Harlan and his car seat out of the car, clean up the mess, call the school to inform them that I was coming, and get there. Harlan felt fine and played the whole time we were gone. Meanwhile, at the science museum, Lillie and her friend Jacci (the two in my charge) were very good and had lots of fun. But I hadn't had time to eat a very good breakfast, just a granola bar. And since I am still under-the-weather with this cold or whatever it is, I started feeling a little woozy. No, I did not pass out or anything dramatic and scary like that; I was just hot and dizzy. I came home, told Wes that I really needed a fried-egg-and-turkey-bacon sandwich on a biscuit for lunch, and crashed on the couch for an hour.

Now for the happily ever after ... well, happily ever now, at least: I feel much better after food and sleep; Harlan seems to be perfectly fine; Wes is better and has now gone to school; the weather is warm enough that Sophie's short-sleeved t-shirt should be just fine; and the car has a full tank of gas. I guess we were really lucky that Wes was too sick for school this morning because otherwise, I would have been home with Harlan, and Lillie would have gone on the field trip without me! So, even though today doesn't like me, I am thankful for blessings in disguise!


Camilla said...

Yeah, glad that day is over. . . .I decided last week that being sick as an adult is much worse than as a kid. . . .you have responsibilities that you just can't drop!

Karen said...

Sam, bless your heart! Imagine if you were a SINGLE, DON'T. What a roller coaster ride! Your day sounds like many I had, alone.

But I would not trade one of them anything...because you wake up the next day, and it might not be BETTER, but it will be DIFFERENT, and different always makes you smile. Remember, it was Nicki who brought the frog home in her luchbox, not Ross. What a thrill. And it gets worse, or different, depending on your attitude.

You learn to say, " goodness..." in very calm tones and even, soothing cadences while blue lights flash outside of your house, or your toddler runs naked through a shopping mall.

After the kids are gone, which seems so far now, but in a few days will seem so far in the past, you will smile about your day, and wish for another one just like it.

I miss you, little Punkin'head, hanging out here as one of MY kids. I don't know if Nicki told you but we lost Oreo this week.

The Other Mother