Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My page

I'm new to blogspot, so I'm figuring this all out as I go along. I'm not sure how I'll use this page in the future, but for now I'll just type a little.....

I have three kids: Lillie, who is 4.5; Harlan, who is 3, and Sophie, who is 14 months old. Sophie was born with hearing loss, and she wore hearing aids for the first year of her life. At 8 months old, we learned that her hearing loss was progressing, and her audiologist and ENT recommended cochlear implants. She had her surgery -- bilateral implants on the same day -- on August 24, and she gets them turned on Friday (9/14). We're excited to find out what she can hear with them!

Lillie is exceptionally brilliant, and can read and do simple math. She is a sponge, eager to learn everything...especially math and physics, because that is what you have to know in order to be an astronaut. She is cute and fun, and she just started playing on a soccer team for the first time ever. Her first game is this Saturday.

Harlan is full of energy. He wants to help with all of the housework, but he is really better at making a mess than cleaning it! He knows his letters and is also learning to read simple words and add small numbers (using his fingers, of course). He is the sweetest little boy ever, and he is fiercely protective of Sophie. He's cuddly and wonderful...but watch out for his temper!!

Wes, my husband, is in his third year of medical school. His dream is to become an interventional radiologist. He earned his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, and he loves gadgets and machines...and there are plenty of both in radiology!

I have a degree in English and journalism, but at the moment, I don't work outside our home. My main focus is on the kiddos. One day, when they are bigger, I'll save the world, but for now the world can wait. I have more important things to do.